Welcome to SHIFT HAPPENS, a global take on Women’s Turning Points and Pivotal Moments

We all have a story about how our lives have shifted, sometimes intentionally, other times not. Yet, when we look back, most of us forget the strength, creativity, resilience, perseverance, joy, and grit that got us through our transition.

In SHIFT HAPPENS, host Claudia Mahler taps into her experience curating international women’s events to invite women at all stages of life to share when and how that shift happened in their lives. In open and intimate conversations, Claudia speaks to women from diverse cultures, countries, and walks of life about their pivotal moments.

Tune in to feel heard, find connection, and leave inspired by these frank and powerful accounts about the intersection of personal and professional growth.

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Joanna Jordan Reflects on Being a Mother to Adult Children

Joanna Jordan Reflects on Being a Mother to Adult Children

Joanna Jordan, Founder and CEO of Central Talent Booking, shares how as a single, divorced, working mother, she had to manage a household with kids and employees for many years… When her third child left the house, she took time to think: what does it mean to be a mother to adult children?

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Celebrating women
Claudia has a very warm intelligence to her interview style. She is curious about the micro details of a woman’s life to find inner wisdom to share. Done with ease she brings out the best in women from all walks of life.

Dom kush

So grateful for Claudia’s wisdom. The questions she asks and the conversations she facilitates are important and are balms for the soul. Brava!


Inspiring conversations
Claudia is on a mission to share stories from women’s lives that exhibit their resolve and resiliency — whether in the face of natural shifts or major upheaval. There’s a natural flow to this investigation of “pivotal moments,” whatever that means to each guest, that leads to wisdom-sharing and inspirational reflection. Every unique experience has a universal truth within it.

Amy Jacobus