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Programs in women’s advancement are often rooted in professional coaching and individual instruction to maximize potential and achieve ambition. Claudia fills a void by curating events that prioritize organic connection and mutual respect.

When women have space to connect, share personal stories and experiences, and contribute to conversations they might not have elsewhere, it engenders confidence, inspiration, growth, and camaraderie. 

Our curated experiences complement existing employee programs, expanding support and learning without required follow ups or homework — instead, we provide a spark of creativity and a moment of community. 

Emerging from years of isolation and double-duty caretaking during the pandemic, the women in your workplace deserve more opportunities for genuine connection and candid conversation.


By facilitating open, informal and easy-flowing conversations on a variety of topics of interest to women, Claudia Mahler has developed an approach to programming and event design that offers togetherness, delight and inspiration.

Step 1: Understanding Your Company’s Needs

First, Claudia will speak with your company’s leadership team about the intention behind the event. Who’s invited? What’s the occasion? Are you celebrating a milestone or success? Do you wish to create a space for deeper connection between employees? We can offer insights on how to encourage interdepartmental cooperation or welcome employees spanning levels of experience.

Step 2: Conversation Design

Claudia will present ideas for a topic of group conversation to inspire an open discussion. Topics will be designed to spark sharing rather than instruction, and personal experience in addition to professional ambition. She will suggest a setting and requirements for cultivating the desired atmosphere at your event, and she will moderate conversations — to get the ball rolling with your employees.

Step 3: Setting Expectations

We will always ask participants to agree to a set of principles and behavioral guidelines. It’s important that we protect the privacy of all involved, as we find that this confidentiality encourages greater comfort and transparency.

Step 4: Reflection & Takeaways

Following your event or series, Claudia will conduct a survey or interview the participants. Without breaking confidentiality, we will share highlights with your company and suggest future events, aligned with our key learnings and your overall objectives. Meaningful connection and conversations can boost morale, increase pride in one’s work and affiliation with your company, build rapport with colleagues, inspire new ideas and collaboration, and more. 

I haven’t written something about your salons because I find myself speechless. There’s that intangible quality you can’t capture in words. Your salons are old fashioned and erudite and intellectual and courtly—but also a breath of fresh air, heartfelt (like you), full of connection with people desperate to make connections with one another in our deeply disconnected times.

Robyn Watts Lawyer
Robyn Watts

In New York City, Claudia did a beautiful job of bringing a variety of intelligent, sophisticated women together for her salon evenings with dignity and grace. The conversations were always enlightening, and I felt energized to do more for the world every time I was invited. Every city needs a salon with Claudia.

JOANNA JORDAN CEO and Founder, Central Talent Booking

Forget about anti-aging—I feel more confident and capable each year! With this comes an even greater desire to engage with other strong and curious women about the challenges we face and gaining new perspectives on how to make the most of life’s next phases. I found these women at Claudia’s salon and welcomed the opportunity to connect with so many women who are true forces in their own light!

MONICA HOTTENROTT Collector and PR Specialist

When we first met Claudia Mahler, we discussed our company’s philosophy and core beliefs, and Claudia said: ‘You know what makes your brand different? Your authenticity.’ Immediately we had an a-ha moment and now apply that lesson in everything we do. Claudia created a safe environment to share our vision and experiences—that level of leadership and advocacy is what we need in our leaders today.

FEVEN & HELENA YOHANNES Co-founders, 2.4.1 Cosmetics

Claudia Mahler‘s salon discussions were invigorating and stimulating, and reminded me that I can make a difference in the world. In those moments I was filled with gratitude and vision for the future. Claudia has the foresight to move the conversation into issues that include provoking questions. As a facilitator, she ensures that every voice is heard and that no one person dominates the room.

Michele Melland-Strassberg Actress
Michele Melland-Strassberg

Claudia Mahler’s salons span interesting political and socioeconomic topics. All have been occasions for insightful conversations, lively discussions, and a venue to meet interesting people with a wide range of careers—many of whom I’ve kept in touch with after the event.


Claudia has the unique talent, ability, and vision to bring together women from divergent backgrounds, viewpoints, and expertise to discuss the pressing issues of our day in a safe, stimulating, and supportive atmosphere that encourages cohesion and problem solving. This is what the women’s movement is truly about, and the key to real evolution and advancement.

Suzi Parrasch Writer & Gallerist
Suzi Parrasch