Amy Jacobus Starts a Business By Accident

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Starting a Business By Accident

0:00 – Claudia Mahler And she was really intrigued by the conversations. And she asked me to, you know, give her an estimate and like an idea of how we could work together. So I did that and then she came back and she said, yeah, but maybe we can even expand this and would be in person and coping. Maybe we can even expand it and invite the the the female partners, the spouses of of the employees. And I said, that’s fantastic. And then it was a little bit difficult, I think, with the pricing and so on.

0:51 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
And then I hadn’t heard for her for a long time.

0:53 – Claudia Mahler (
And then I thought, you know, it’s like one of those states funded. big agencies that spend money on many things, but when it comes to something like this, they get really tight. But also it also was not so well done from my side. So I hadn’t heard from her and then I thought, you know, she just doesn’t want to do it. But then I thought, no, she was so nice and that’s not business behavior. She would always come back. And then I did a follow-up and said, oh, you know, they are just so swamped. And actually yesterday was a big meeting where she had hoped that they would be able to discuss this. So I used the opportunity to re-send my idea paper with the adjusted pricing. So and as a PDF, so, you know, this was something that she could have used. So I haven’t heard from her yet, but there are also many holidays in the past. Europe at the moment, so I will follow up by the end of next week. But that would be incredible. Like, that would be the door opener that I need for, you know, to build like some kind of record. And then I spoke to the journalist at Deutsche Vella TV, and she also still has it on her radar to discuss it with her director. But they have had so much cost cutting and they had to let go of a lot of people.

2:35 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
And now is the summer, so it’s, you know, not a good time, but she wants to address it again in September.

2:40 – Claudia Mahler (
It’s like, it just has to have so much patience.

2:45 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)

2:46 – Claudia Mahler (
And I have a so long collaboration with a German-American think tank called 1014, and it’s located on 1014. Fifth Avenue. They are supported by the German Foreign Ministry and the Gütter Institute and with them I’m going to do this along on art and business, the value of art and now in the process of, you know, getting a panel together and we want to have a panel, a discussion, then we want to break out in small groups and then afterwards come together and I will do this with them in the fall and then also just a good way for me to build a little track record basically. And then on June, so quite a few things are happening with June 15th or 16th, I have 45 minutes with the global HR head of Estilada because I met her at a benefit and I talked to her about what I’m doing and she said, oh you have to come and you have to. Tell me more about it. So, um, yeah.

4:03 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)

4:05 – Claudia Mahler (

4:06 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
Would you be interested in, um, letting me peek at kind of like the back and forth between you and the woman in Copenhagen and the materials you sent her way and I can share some feedback or thoughts on that? Would that be helpful?

4:26 – Claudia Mahler (
Um, do you mean in terms of, of, of, of like checking whether it sells my, what I want to sell in a good way? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I can send you what I, what I sent to her.

4:46 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)

4:46 – Claudia Mahler (
Okay. Yeah.

4:47 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
Yeah. And, um, I’ve been thinking about that a lot because I’m also having these conversations that are like lingering lingering lingering and I have, I’m, I’m thinking about new techniques, new questions, new offers of support I can provide to the people who are like languishing in this weird period where they know they want to invest in you, but they have to get their director’s approval. And it’s like, how do we get to the actual decision maker faster, or how do we provide what they need to just say yes? Well, usually it’s a question of money and then the right argument.
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5:39 – Claudia Mahler (
And the argument with her was that I said, you know, you just go to sell it to them, yeah? And it will just improve their a company that cares for women. And that’s still needed. And that’s what, you know, every organization is still after. And that’s also what they need to deliver.

6:02 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)

6:03 – Claudia Mahler (
I mean, it’s not about saying it. No, no, it’s also in Europe. I mean, they are obliged to do this. And that was something she like noted this all down. So I think that was kind of a good… And that’s my pitch anyway. That company is also even Estelada, who are on the forefront of the company. As best employee in all the United States for female and so on. But you can’t stop.

6:38 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
You need to evolve. So what’s the next step?

6:42 – Claudia Mahler (
Yeah. So I’ve been thinking about. And yeah. And then I will also, over the summer, my plan is also to reach out again to all the contacts that I have now. Now that I just feel a little bit more current or not like more secure in my own field or in what I’m actually doing because I’m much better. I’m talking about it now and I’m much better in explaining it to people. It just takes practice. Yeah. So that’s good. Yeah. That’s where I am.
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7:27 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
So let’s talk podcast. What have you been thinking about doing? How is the progress there? How can I assist in like getting this set up for you?

7:43 – Claudia Mahler (
So it’s still kind of daunting, but I think I’m getting now. I spoke to the guy that Beth recommended. He has a podcast and he’s like, like an audio engineer and I spoke to him yesterday and his pricing would be great. He charges like $50 an hour and it doesn’t take him such a long time. So he sounded actually quite good and I mean he’s done his own podcast for six years and has a steady followership but it’s also very specific podcast but I think I mean it’s attractive because it’s not so costly because I’ve spoken to a number of agencies now and I really don’t intend to spend super much money. I know that I have to spend something because there are things that I just can’t do and I don’t want to do and I don’t want to spend time trying to learn them because it’s frustrating for me and I don’t want this to be frustrating. So and then I spoke to It’s a company called Hatch FM and they’ve been around for two years and they also help produce organizations that help produce with their podcasts. And I also had an informational conversation with them and they were really helpful and they for example charge of flat rate per month and they provide endless strategy consulting. They provide how tools are not your best recorded. They provide and they edit the podcast and they have a two day turnaround and you can basically I mean if I produce raw material for eight podcasts they can get this done in a month. And they charge $990 per month. So that’s of course more than you know the $50 and maybe like a couple of projects that I would have to pay with with the Andy guy but but they are also a little bit bigger and a little bit more experienced and have done a variety of podcasts. I can show you what they send to me.

10:23 – Amy Jacobus (Amy Jacobus)
So I’m you know I’m a little torn what should I do yeah. Yeah.


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She has 20+ years of experience in communications and PR in Europe and the East Coast of the United States.

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